Resources for Cultural Stakeholders

Tools for understanding and navigating New Orleans' Cultural Economy landscape.

The Office of Cultural Economy would like to familiarize you with our annual report, The 2014 Cultural Economy Snapshot and our planning tool, The Cultural Economy Planning Map.

The Snapshot contains vital information that is of use to cultural businesses, non-profits, workers, and practitioners. The data includes number and types of cultural businesses; employees; fiscal and programming information regarding cultural non-profits; festival economic impacts and attendance; and much more. This is NOT an economic impact study, but is instead a quantifying report on the current state of the economy around culture in our city. The short brochure is available here, and the full report with data sources and citations is available here.

The Cultural Economy Planning Map is an interactive web-based map program that allows the user to view a large variety of cultural, cultural economy, infrastructure, and social data, separately or in combination, throughout New Orleans. The CE Planning Map, funded through the NEA Out Town grant program, includes cultural and cultural economy data in addition to standard planning data such as zoning, streets, and community assets (i.e. churches, schools and libraries). The tool also includes place- based programs, such as the Cultural Product Districts, historic districts, and zoning overlay districts. This tool is not a directory, but a planning tool that allows a birds-eye view of cultural infrastructure, allowing businesses, non-profits, and government to integrate cultural infrastructure into their strategies and planning projects.

We also encourage you to check out our website. It provides guides and resources for cultural businesses, guides for vendors such as food trucks and artists, and special event guides and resources. If you have questions about the Snapshot, Planning Map, or guides, please email Alison Gavrell, Project Manager, at

It is our hope that these resources will be helpful to the cultural community and spread awareness of the unique cultural landscape of our City.


Scott Hutcheson
Senior Advisor to the Mayor for Cultural Economy
City of New Orleans

Alison Gavrell
Project Manager
Mayor’s Cultural Economy Office

Cultural Economy Snapshot


Cultural Economy Planning Map

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