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MythBusters: 11 Mobile Security Myths

Mobile Security can simply be defined as the applicable techniques put in place for the purpose of securing data on our mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops as well as other mobile devices. In other words, this is different alternative methods mobile devices use for authenticating user and limit access to data store on their devices. Some of these means vary from simple password, screen locks and PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) to more complex  eye scanners, fingerprint readers and several other varieties of biometric reader. The importance Of Mobile Security…

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DevOps: Hot Skills, Tools, and Certifications

We live in the age where almost every business or firm has a software branch. This could be an outcome of the world becoming so technically advanced that the global population using smartphones was found to be around 2.1 billion in 2016. This creates a whole new medium through which almost every company can engage the masses. Now, due to the need of up to date software attributes and so much competition in the market, a very high skill of software development is required. This led to an exponential trend…

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10 Hardest IT Jobs to Fill

When you work in the IT sphere, you will get benefits that you cannot find from another place. The followings are some of the reasons why it is good to work in the IT jobs. IT professional is able to work in any industry or sector. The world requires the IT professionals    There are skills gap in the entire world in the technology industry. You should take the example of the government and business that are seeking to get digital transformation with the need of getting to the cybersecurity…

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Advantages of Being a Software Developer

Can you imagine your life without mobile phones, healthcare facilities, transport systems or electricity? Neither can we. Technology has emerged as a crucial component of our daily lives and has provided us with the luxurious lifestyle that today we all enjoy. But do you know who works endlessly hard to deliver us these technology services? These are the unknown heroes called software developers that operate computer programs and make your electronic devices function accordingly. Some develop applications for computers, tabloids, cellphones, while others develop the underlying systems that help run…

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10 Most Wanted Tech Jobs for 2018

To put a context, it might be fruitful to look at how these jobs came into being. Tabulation of work started when agricultural societies were formed; its purpose was to keep things in perspective as our minds are too abstract to store data regarding charts and tables. Through the technological evolution, we shifted from the most basic type of tabulation to storing data in a cloud. With this exponential trend in data, science came different philosophies centered on the goal of optimization of any task. Every corporation has identified this…

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